About Aruba

Aruba is located just 18 miles from the north coast of Venezuela in the Caribbean Sea and is not in the hurricane belt. It is part of the ABC Islands, which consist of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao. The Island of Aruba enjoys warm temperatures of 28 degrees year round and has pleasant cooling trade winds.
The languages on the island of Aruba are varied with the principle being Spanish, American English Dutch, and the local dialect Papiamento.
The residents of Aruba are a wonderful mix of friendly happy nationalities. The currency is the Dutch Florin but the US Dollar is widely excepted.
Aruba is one of the world’s most desirable locations and is known as “one happy Island” With tourism raising year by year the island is due to have some new exclusive hotels which are scheduled for construction in 2016.
As major cruise port Aruba is visited by thousands of happy holidaymakers every month.


Aruba has something for everyone
Fabulous designer shopping malls and colourful markets
Luxurious beachfront restaurants and local eateries serving traditional foods
Casinos, nightlife, live music and a host of island tours

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